Virtual tours

A virtual tour is a three-dimensional model of virtually any indoor location. It is an amazing way to showcase your unit, site, or project to customers as well as offer interactive features and engaging content. Restaurants, hotels, showrooms, boutiques, architecture, real estate for sale, even car interiors: with us, you can entice your potential clients to turn a virtual visit into a real one. Your imagination is the limit here: you can use sounds FX, music, popups with text content, interactive objects like a TV that shows a channel list, and much more.

How do we do it?

We begin building your virtual tour by taking 360-degree photos or videos of the site. At least 20 ultra high quality photos are taken. This is how we make sure the perspective in your tour is not skewed and the space feels as real as possible.

After the source images have been prepared, the most exciting part begins. We turn panorama image into full interactive experience that is both visually enjoyable as well as full of valuable content. We add sound, video, special effects, and interactive objects. For instance, there are TV sets in your hotel rooms. How about letting your potential guests check out the list of channels they can watch in their room? All they need to do is click on the TV, and a popup with content will appear. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the best way your business can benefit from our virtual tours.

When building your tour, we use the latest hardware and software available. Our virtual tours offer smooth seamless experience not just on desktops and laptops but on modern mobile devices as well.

What next?

Working with us is not just enjoyable but also very simple. Just write us or give us a call to discuss your project and address all the details. Then, we send you our offer with all the conditions and pricing. After that, we invoice you for 50% of the total budget. You pay the remaining 50% after you get the result you wanted.

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