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VRLab is pro level photo shoots, interactive virtual tours for your business, 12,000dpi film scanning, gigapixel panoramas, photo retouching, prepress, and other photography-related services for demanding customers. Browse the sections of this site to learn more about us, the equipment we use, and our philosophy.

For us, this is never just business. Photography is our way to fulfill our ambitions and possibilities, a passion powered by experience and the most cutting edge tools and technologies available today. We use equipment no other studio in the Czech Republic has to handle exceedingly complex projects. We love what we do and we always want to be proud of our work.

You want to avoid mediocre quality, missed deadlines, and unfair budgeting? VRLab could be just the thing you need. With us, you can always expect top notch results at reasonable prices.

How It Works?

If your project needs eye candy photography and flawless image quality, we will deliver. When it’s a VRLab photo shoot, you know it is going to be an all-inclusive hassle-free solution. It does not really matter what kind of photo shoot your project requires. We are equally enthusiastic and professional whether it comes to studio, outdoor, or interior shoots. What’s really important is reaching visual perfection using our favorite equipment and tools. We are prepared to take care of all your needs, from stylists and shooting on site to retouching, processing, prepress and beyond. Find out more about how we organize our shoots, check out sample photos in our portfolio, and contact us anytime to talk about your project.

For us, photography is not just work. It's also a lifetime passion and a hobby. We just love exploring various aspects of it with our friends and like-minded photography fans. These explorations result in projects the number of which never stops growing. Got ideas that could shape our next photographic adventure? Let us know, and let’s make this happen!

My experience with VRLab has been very positive. My project was a sports-themed outdoor photoshoot, and I believe it’s a very technically challenging task. The VRLab team was very well-equipped with everything necessary e.g. generator flash sets. What was probably even more important, communication with the entire team was very easy, which helped me realize my ideas without a hitch. I am very pleased with the results, and I’m looking forward to working together in the future.

Thank you, Jiří Květoň

We have been working with VRLab for a few years and we have always been happy with them. Artem Goncharov, the CEO, made an impression of a great person and a reliable and responsible professional right away. With my experience with VRLab being more than 2 years now, I could not recommend them more.

EuroCEI, s.r.o.

I recommend doing business with VRLab, and this is a 100% recommendation. Reliability, satisfaction, professionalism and no missed deadlines, these things are extremely important for us. This is why we contacted Mr. Goncharov who is always ready to offer us a solution that fits our needs perfectly.

Rivan, s.r.o.

We have been working with VRLab for over 3 years now. Everything was delivered exactly on time, and the quality level is really high. Without a doubt, we will keep using them. I recommend this company to anyone looking for a stable and reliable business partner.

Konstantin Savchenko

VRLab were recommended to me several years ago. Since then, we have collaborated on a few virtual tours that are still being used by us. I am very satisfied with their work, and I highly recommend VRLab.

Sincerely, Richard Watzke

Our projects


Czech Republic under a magnifying glass. Unexpected details up close.

800mm shows you the Czech Republic that is usually hidden from the unaided eye, and in fact from aided eye as well. Our passion for photography and exploration of this wonderful country help us show landscapes, architectural masterpieces and unexpected details up close using 800mm lens and other great equipment.


Everything a plane spotter needs: shooting spots, virtual tours, getting social.

This is a portal for spotters, people whose hobby is watching planes and taking pictures of them. The site offers loads of content including best spot coordinates, lighting and sun information, as well as contacts of spotter clubs. We made a virtual tour for each recommended spot.


Photo-based site about a small Czech town of Lany. Interactive map and plenty of panoramas.

Lany is a small town in the Czech Republic thoroughly explored by us using panorama photos. These reveal the beauty of this lovely little place not only by day and by night, but also from different heights. The interactive map we built will almost literally take you to Lany to see the place with your own eyes.

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